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The Control Port

The Control Port

There is currently no command line tool for local administrative tasks. However there is a command line available at the control port.

The control port is bound only at the loop back interface. The port number defaults to 7070. Otherwise found in the main config file.

$ telnet <host> 7070

The system will ask for a the control password (hash value in main config file).

The administrative console prompt is #.


terminate session
system exit (after clean up)
skip cleanup - may damage repository
restart the process
connect URL
try to connect to the peer at URL
set local host certificate
for OID tanfile FILENAME
see TAN manual
enter kernel debug mode (see next section)

The Kernel Debugger

Exploring the system inside (only recommended if you need to debug the peer software, not your applications - but "sparse" error messages might still force app developers to know how to do it):

Note that, depending on local configuration, the kernel debugger may be disabled.

The kernel level greats you with the ";; Nu" prompt. Type valid scheme expressions at the next line.

You M U S T N O T run the debug access at any production system! you definitely don't want to do that, it breaks each and every safety measurement.

enable-warnings boolean log more warnings and include stack trace with exceptions
$broadcast-debug-proposal lambda (OID this message result) traces AskemosDVM step by step through the procedure.

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