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Name Spaces

Nodes, Groves, Hypergroves explained

Name Spaces


URI?____________________________________________See.             XML             XSLT      RDF                     HTML DublinCore (formerly )       NameSpaceDSSSL      NameSpaceDSSSL             CoreAPI
urn:mysql-xsql                                       XSQL
nu                                                   NuNu, highly experimental scratchpad wiki
lout                                               TextFormattingSystem Lout

TODO:relative URI?'s above are to be replaced with a permanent URI?.

There is a nice talk that xml sucks but you have to use it anyway. He is right in many things though a some rebutals and corrections are in order.

The decision to go XML is at least for germany made by the parliament. See Justizkommunikationsgesetz.

IMHO? the trick is to put the effort into serialiser/parser pairs mapping from "lingua franka" to binary. Same plattforms may negotiate on binary formats, while plattform changes pay the cost of translation for compatibility. None is locked out., (more efficient binary encoding)

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