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About This Memo

About This Memo

My Personal Belief

The client side, the is the actual end user experience that is, needs most attention at this time. Comments in this thread.

The peer side (controlling the DNS server) is pretty easy to do. This is a kind of an naming/identity service Askemos/BALL can provide - as in this demo program.

Contributions And Comments

In short: post them to http://forums.gctip.org/thread-89.html .

Long version: The wiki software is (still) part of Askemos/BALL. It runs on an Askemos network (eight peers at this time). To combat SPAM it is only possible to modify the content from an Askemos peer. (As described - in German - here). Mail your comments to Joerg dot Wittenberger at softeyes dot net or post them at your site and leave a note here at the bottom of the related page. (No special software or registration required.)

A final excuse: I'm not a native English speaker. Hence I'm all but sure about best vocabulary and wording. All corrections and suggestion are welcome!

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