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This pet craved for freedom for a while. To celebrate the day and millenium's end, I let it go.

december 23rd 2000

Jörg F. Wittenberger

The aim of the Askemos project is to enable reliable and justiciable data processing, with the goal of producing "Software that can last 200 years."

The first implementations of an Askemos peer can be obtained from

The Askemos web site itself is served from the Askemos/BALL development network. Follow here for more details.

Note that Askemos concerns the abstract specification exclusively; including data formats, protocols, service interfaces etc. - not the actual implementations.

Askemos combines incorruptible capability delegation and byzantine replication of communicating processes. Physical machines under control of their operators execute applications processes under permanent multilateral audit. The network's honest majority of hosts provides users with exclusive control, and thus real ownership of processes. Askemos models a kind of "virtual constitutional state" where physical hosts bear witness to the interactions of virtual agents (akin to citizens). Self verifying identifiers can confirm that original documents have not been tampered with.

The real potential for using Askemos is for identity and time stamp services, information management in public administration, and libraries attaching meta data and archives. with the goal of establishing robust systems that can truly endure for centuries. German tax law, for instance, has storage requirements, which make Askemos interesting even for private, individual. Activist groups, non-profits and people who need privacy and reliability in a world becoming increasingly more hostile to their activities could gain a benefit.

White Paper
Askemos - a distributed settlement (german version)
Legal Certainty in Cyberspace (german)

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